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Information for WagJag Customers

Instructions for WagJag customers:

If you are redeeming a WagJag voucher, please follow these instructions to make the checkout process as easy as possible.

Please note: Our system only allows one voucher per order.  If you have purchased more than one WagJag voucher, then you must complete a separate order for each one.  We recommend that you register an account so you don't have to re-enter your address and other information with each order.

** Your WagJag voucher is good for an iPhone case AND a screen protector.  Please ensure you have both of these items in your cart, otherwise the voucher code will not work. **


Step 1 - Find Your WagJag Voucher Code:

After purchasing the WagJag, you should receive a voucher.  The voucher will have a long code.  You only need the last 6 digits (after the dash).  Your voucher should look similar to the one below:


Step 2 - Enter WagJag Voucher Code:

After you have chosen your product, click on the "Shopping Cart" or "Checkout" link at the top of the page.  You will see your shopping cart, with an option to enter a coupon code.  Enter your WagJag voucher code here and click "Apply Coupon".

Step 3 - Confirm Discount:

After successfully entering your Voucher Code and clicking "Apply Coupon", you should see a message telling you that the discount has been applied.

In the bottom right corner, make sure the order total has been updated and the total is $0.00



Step 4 - Begin Checkout Process:

After confirming your total is $0.00, click "Checkout" and you will be taken to this screen:



Step 5 - Enter Name and Shipping Details:

Fill in your name and shipping details.


Step 6 - Confirm Shipping Method:

Delivery/shipping will display $1.99 flat rate shipping.  This just shows you the shipping method being used.  Don't worry that it shows $1.99 for shipping! 

You will not have to pay any shipping for your order!  In the final step, you will confirm that the shipping is free and your final total is $0.00


Step 7 - Confirm 'Free Checkout' Payment Method:

The payment method selected should be "Free Checkout".

Click the box to agree with the terms and conditions, then click "Continue" to go to the final step.


Step 8 - Confirm and Finalize Order:

Confirm that the final total is $0.00, then click "Confirm Order" and your order will be processed.

Congratulations!  Your order has been completed.  You will receive an email confirmation shortly.

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