Card Slots Case For Iphone 12 11 Pro Max Wallet Crossbody Case Luxury Zipper Leather Bag Cover For Iphone 7 6 8 Plus X XS Max XR

Card Slots Case For Iphone 12 11 Pro Max Wallet Crossbody Case Luxury Zipper Leather Bag Cover For Iphone 7 6 8 Plus X XS Max XR

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    Suitable for iPhone 12mini crossbite square zipper card cover Apple 11 multi-functional mobile phone case

    Product Name: square shell large zipper card bag

    Product material: PC + TPU + leather

    Product display:

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    Phone case
    Compatible Brand Apple Iphones
    Design Plain
    Features Wallet And Case Long Strap Crossbody Phone Case
    Function Dirt-Resistant
    Size 6.7
    Type Fitted Case
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