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Bring Everything Together

Stop switching programs and use one streamlined platform to manage accounts, projects, catalogs, schedules, documents and business leads.

Track Every Detail

Have all of the detailed information required to complete each project at your fingertips, with real-time updates and a simple, customizable dashboard.

Coordinate with Everyone

Keep employees, vendors, delivery services, contractors and customers in the loop with built-in tools for scheduling, task delegation and live chats.

Share Every Document

Make sure everyone has the information they need to get the job done by sharing layouts, photos, drawings, permits and other essential docs.

Calculate Every Cost

See total cost changes instantly with BizManage’s specialized tools for adjusting cost multipliers, pricing style variations, adding taxes and more.

Pursue Every Lead

Boost your conversion rate and keep potential customers from falling through the cracks with tools for tracking, delegating and marketing to leads.

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