Ways to find a missing phone

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Have you been losing your phone? Whether at a friend's house, in a car, or between sofa cushions, we all panicked when we realized we had misplaced our phone. Maybe you left it in another pair of jeans, or it fell out of your pocket in the gym.

Fortunately, there are now more ways than ever to track your phone and save you from losing your most valuable electronic device forever! Regardless you lost your Android phone or iPhone, these tools will help you quickly restore your device and notify you of its last known location.

How to Find a Lost Android Phone

If you lose your Android phone, there are several different options to search for your device.  There is a phone finder feature integrated directly into your device from Google, as well as a number of third-party apps and solutions available to get things done.

Find Devices with Google

The easiest way to use is Google Find My Device which is built directly into all Android phones using Google Play Services and any phone that runs Android 2.3 or higher. You can search ‘where is my phone’ in Google for the service to start looking for your device.

You can use the Find My Device options to set a new password, ring your phone from afar and more. While you can configure this service ahead of time, you can also log in and get data even after you have lost your Android phone. By the use of wifi and GPS data directly from that phone, your Google account will provide you the very latest information on where you might have left your favorite touchscreen device.

Third-Party Apps

While Google offers a solution to find lost Android Phones, there are many third-party options in the Play Store that will allow you to locate and secure your device. One of the best is Cerberus Anti Theft, a free application which can communicate with your phone in several different channels. The app allows remote control of your Android device through the apps web portal login, and it can automatically alert you when you might have lost the device.

Finally, even if the device is lost, you can lock and track the device by sending phone text messages from other devices. By taking a remote photo, using the alert function and displaying a message on the screen, you can lock your lost phone and prevent any possible thief from using it.

How to Find a Lost iPhone

The easiest and only way to find your lost iPhone or other Apple devices is to use the native feature called Find My iPhone. This app comes on every iOS device and displays a map to help you easily locate and manage your lost electronics. However, to fully track activities, you must use the Find My iPhone app to access another iOS device or computer..

When the lost iPhone case is turned on, it will send data when it is connected to the Internet, but if you have turned off this feature, you may not be able to contact the phone. When communicating with the software, the phone can display a message to contact the missing owner and remotely erase the data on the phone as needed. An important feature of the Find My iPhone software is the need to use an Apple ID and password to reactivate this feature, which means that scammers who own your device may end up not using the device completely.

Use Google Maps as a Timeline

While there aren’t many other options specifically for iPhone users, if you use Google maps on your Android or iOS device you can view your timeline page that may container details about your history. If you drop the device and find the last location of the device, this timeline tool may show when your phone was last connected to the web and your Google Account.

This may seem obvious, but sometimes ringing a lost device may reveal its location or help you better understand where to look. Even if your ringtone doesn't turn on, the vibrating motor in Android or iPhone can often send sound to any surface where it rest on and let you pinpoint the spot.

No matter where your phone is, losing your precious device with all your personal information inside of it can be a stressful experience. While it is hard to tell exactly where phones are located without some assistance, each of these special tools can help find your lost Android or iPhone and get your data back into safe hands.

No matter where your phone is, losing all your precious devices containing your personal information can be stressful. Although it's hard to pinpoint the location of your phone without some help, each of these special tools may help you find your lost Android or iPhone or put your data back in a safe hand.


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