Yup, there’s a pretty cool iPhone case that can light cigarettes and open beer bottles

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ZVE launched a Multifunctional Lighter Case for iPhone that is “so crazy that I have to have one.” This case looks normal from afar but upon closer observation, it becomes clear that this isn’t your average iPhone case. While it provides solid protection bumpers on four corners, its flameless cigarette lighter can be found on the back that can light 250 cigarettes before needing to be recharged, it contains a hidden bottle opener to easily open your beers and cans, and it has screw interface to connect with your camera tripod directly.

Here are some highlights about its features:

No Flame Rechargeable Lighter -- Safe, easy and convenient. Built-in a no-flame heating coil and USB port, which can light up 250 cigarettes per single 1.6 hours full charge. Imaging if you forget to take lighter in camping or wilderness survival How convenient it is!

SAFE LOCK DESIGN: The cigarette lighter can be locked if no need to use it. Push the cigarette lighter button THREE TIMES quickly and continuously to lock the lighter case. The same step to unlock it.

Bottle Opener -- Sturdy enough to open bottles and cans for many many times. It will not definitely damage the case or your phone.

Direct Connection to Camera Tripod - A standard screw-hole built-in for fixing your tripod or stand to take videos and photos. (Kindly reminder: tripod is not included with the case)

It is a bit bulky compared to average phone case but the thickness together with bumpers on four corners provide additional shockproof protection.

Fits iPhone 6 / 6s (4.7 inch) /6 plus / 6s plus (5.5) / iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 plus (5.5) / iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 plus / iPhone X

Look what its users say about this creative product:

"It is perfect since it comes with a lighter and a can opener, specially when you don't need to carry those extra tools with you. Every time that I used it, my friends get surprise and they start asking from were i got it from. Its an excellent cover for my Iphone 7. I totally recommend this product."

"This product is pretty cool. I was outside a bar lighting a cigarette and several passerby's literally stopped and asked me how it works and where I got them. "

Obviously seen beer/can opener on the back

Hidden tripod interface allows direct connection to camera tripod

Hidden No Flame Rechargeable Lighter with safe lock design

Question: are you thinking of buying one Multifunctional Lighter Case for your iPhone?


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