Phone Case Bacteria, Is It So Scary Like Lab Results Tell?

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Recently, the media revealed that the mobile phone that is in close contact with us every day is actually a big source of pollution. It is more dirty than the toilet flush button ... Laboratory test results also show that even the mobile phone case wiped with alcohol disinfection the day before, Not spared.

As a result, many people are wondering why the phone case is so insanitary and How to make mobile phones more hygienic? Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the professionals of the Jinan CDC's Disinfection and Vector Biological Control Institute. In their opinion, the mobile phone is not more dirty compared to the desktop and door handles we usually contact.

To ensure the hygiene of the mobile phone case, the key is hand hygiene and human hygiene.

Laboratory test results are startling. The phone case is so dirty.

From the information that has been disclosed, the testers carried out bacterial culture after separately taking samples from mobile phones often wiped with alcohol, mobile phones that are constantly played with by kids, mobile phones with visibly very dirty cases, and mobile phones used by nurses.

After the first 24 hours, most of the petri dishes grew bacterial colonies as small as pinpoints and as large as millet, but the petri dish containing sample from the mobile phone cases that were often wiped was no change, and it seemed very clean.

But after the second 24 hours, that clean one changed too. A lot of bacterial colonies visible to the naked eye grew. And in most petri dishes, and the former pinpoint-sized colonies became the size of rice grains.

Third 24 hours passed, different colored and clear sized colonies have grown in each petri dish submitted for testing, the largest being the size of a coin.

Looking at three sets of shocking results, the most intuitive feeling of many audience is like, I did not expect that our mobile phone case can be so dirty!

Where does the phone case bacteria come from? Mainly from talking and hand contact

"Before you came, I just wiped my phone with alcohol." said a professional at Jinan CDC's Disinfection and Vector Biological Control Institute when the reporter knocked on her door for an interview Yesterday morning.

"But what I want to tell you is that, although mobile phones, or door handles, or desktops, and any objects, are contaminated, bacteria cannot grow directly on it, as there is no medium for bacteria to grow." She continued. According to her , the phone will not be dirtier than a rag or hand.

According to reports, the bacteria on our cellphones mainly comes from human body. From our mouth, more specifically. "We all carry a few kilograms of bacteria in our bodies. Everyone also has a lot of bacteria in the mouth. Whenever a person speaks with open mouth, the bacteria will spread into the air. Speaking on a mobile phone spread bacteria to the mobile phone case; Speaking once, the bacteria are plenty. Very few bacteria on phone case are from the external environment."

One more thing, the bacteria on the phone case are more from the contact of the hands. Our hands contact with a lot of bacteria. Many people always hold mobile phones in hands. So the bacteria on the hands will be transmitted to the phone case.

How to make the mobile phone case more hygienic? Keep hands clean and keep phones away when eating food.

Knowing where phone case bacteria come from, now you will understand what it takes to keep the phone case hygienic.

No need to turn pale at the mention of bacteria. Phone case bacteria must have a medium to harm human body ." The professional added. When the average person's immunity is low, the phone case bacteria can cause human illness through contact.

"For example, when visiting a patient, the cell phone happen to make contact with the patients blood or secretion which has been proven to contain drug-resistant bacteria, unknown bacteria or viruses, then the cell phone needs to be disinfected with alcohol wiping or ultraviolet light. However, some bacteria are not sensitive to alcohol.

"And no disinfection method is sustainable, in other words, it is impossible to disinfect once and make your phone or phone case 'antibacterial'." The professional said that the chemical disinfectant with continuous disinfection effect is even more harmful to the human body.

We can just use mobile phones as usual. There is no need to wipe alcohol or UV light every day. To wipe the case with a wet towel or a clean cloth is enough. "Hands are a medium for spreading bacteria and viruses. Be sure to pay attention to hand hygiene. Dont put your mobile phone by the side while eating. Dont play your phones while eating."

On 24 out of the 100 tested cell phones owned by nurses, pathogenic bacteria were found to be present. So, can medical staff's cell phones spread bacteria? The professional said that after all, the mobile phone is still a relatively private item, not a public item. Chance to spread bacteria is slim.

"What do you think of disinfecting the phone case? I don't think the public needs to panic. It is just normal flora, just like that you get after touching the door handle once. You dont disinfect your hands every time you touch the door handle, right? Same case."

I also see some so-called antibacterial iphone case claimed to apply patent technology Sharklet developed by a U.S. professor. It is much higher cost compared to normal phone cases. While it is difficult to assure you that it works, you can have try if you like.


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