Farewell to the Black Mamba: Kobe Bryant

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Farewell to the Black Mamba: Kobe Bryant

Origin of the Mamba Mentality - Legend Kobe’s Unknown Childlife 

The story of NBA legend Superstar Kobe should be a household name, especially his magical performances and countless records after entering the NBA, which have been ingrained in the hearts of the majority of fans. But there are not many people who knows about Kobe's childhood life, but it is his childlife that created today's Black Mamba Kobe.

Kid Kobe & Kobe

When it comes to Kobe's childhood, his father Joe Bryant is the very person who has to be mentioned. Joe is also a very talented NBA player, but his playing style is not in line with the trend of the NBA at that time. NBA coaches like players who are serious and fierce in defense, but Joe is always smiling, which gives people the feeling of being happy, no serious expression at all, and he doesn't like defense.

Joe Bryant & Kobe

So, Joe played no ball in the NBA and came to Italy with his wife and children, when Kobe was 6 years old. They stayed in Italy for seven years, and Kobe grew up as a 13-year-old from a 6-year-old. During this time Kobe also began to show his basketball talent and unique characteristics.

Kobe & elder sisters

When Kobe came to Italy with his parents and his two sisters at the age of 6, he felt that Italy was so strange. There was no American basketball atmosphere here, but Italy's unique basketball atmosphere. This atmosphere also created the now unique Kobe, even Joe Bryant said in an interview: "Kobe becomes a player like today, especially thanks to Italian basketball. American basketball is just running and jumping, but there are very few people who really understand the essence of basketball. Right during his time in Italy, Kobe mastered basic skills of basketball."

Kid Kobe

From Joe's words we can see the impact of Italian life on Kobe. When Kobe was in Italy, he didn't have a friend, no need to say a basketball partner. He practiced shooting on his own, played basketball by himself, and took the ball with hime, all the time. It can be said that basketball was Kobe's "girlfriend".

Later, one of Kobe's cousins, John Cox IV, the son of Kobe's uncle, John Cox III, also followed his parents to Italy. The two hit it off well right from the beginning, and since then the two played and trained basketball together. Sometimes Joe and Cox III joined them in the "two-on-two" confrontation game. From an early age, Kobe has experienced training and confrontation with adults, with NBA-level players. Such experience has left Kobe without fear and courage in his later basketball careers. It was also the experience that gave Kobe his own black Mamba Mentality that underpins Kobe's two-decade career.

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